Alakhfash's Grammar Analogy (A descriptive analytical study)


The aim of this research is to study Alakhfash's Grammar Analogy, who whose opinions have been affected both the advanced and late grammarians. The importance of this research is to follow the issues that are unique to Alakhfash in analogy, study them and explain his sources in deducing analogy from it and clarifying his grammatical doctrine and its approach to analogy.The research uses the inductive approach about all Alakhfash's opinions that he depended on without hearing from others, by writing the meanings of the Quran and advanced and late grammarians'' books. Therefore, I follow the descriptive analytical approach for discussion and analysis. The research consists of an introduction and three sections. In the introduction comes the definition of the scientific foundations used in the scientific research method The first topic includes the personality and affiliation of Al-Akhfash. The second topic about the definition of grammatical analogy, its pillars and samples. The third topic about the grammatical analogy approach of Al-Akhfash and its samples. The research is supplemented by a conclusion that contains the most important findings of the study, for example: Akhfash followed Basra grammarians analogy and its control in his first time .So, he forbade unsteady hearing from others about analogy. After that, he had his own methodology which about hearing from others even contrary to the rules. The research explains the samples of analogy being used by grammarians such as analogy of cause and similarity. Then indexing the sources and references.