Improve the Micro-hardness of Single Point Incremental Forming Product Using Magnetic Abrasive Finishing


n this paper the Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) was utilized after Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) process as a combined finishing process. Firstly,the Single Point Incremental forming was form the truncated cone made from low carbon steel (1008-AISI) based on Z-level tool path then the magnetic abrasive finishing process was applied on the surface of the formed product. Box-Behnken design of experiment in Minitab 17 software was used in this study. The influences of different parameters (feed rate, machining step size, coil current and spindle speed) on change in Micro-Vickers hardness were studied. The maximum and minimum change in Micro-Vickers hardness that achieved from all the experiments were (40.4and 1.1) respectively. The contribution percent of (feed rate, machining step size, coil current and spindle speed) were (7.1, 18.068, 17.376 and 37.894) % respectively. After MAF process all the micro surface cracks that generated on the workpiece surface was completely removed from the surface.