The effectiveness of Iraqi newspapers' websites in promoting positive values in society) A survey of a sample of the public in Baghdad


In light of the new changes, the media has become able to formulate the awareness, culture and identity of peoples to a large extent in contemporary societies, due to the mechanisms they have specialized in influencing and generally represented in the varied repetition of the media message and the ability of the media discourse in dealing with different issues as well as providing information and its abundance And its extensive explanation, and it has become very clear the extent of the great effects that individuals' exposure to the websites of the various Iraqi newspapers can have, which for many forms an essential part within the activities of their daily lives, despite the multiplicity of tools and media outlets in what is called today the new media. However, it is noticeable that the most prominent of these means are the websites of newspapers in various forms and branches, because of the characteristics and characteristics they possess that make them distinguished from other meansIt is well known that every communication method has a societal function that it achieves in the society to which it is addressed or to which it is exposed to its communication messages, and it represents an effective tool in shaping or strengthening the attitudes of these individuals. Community members, and highlighting the most important positive values that can be promoted by these websites While the research aims to determine the effectiveness of Iraqi newspapers' websites and their ability to promote positive values in society, and it aims to identify the most prominent values that these sites try to promote in society, The research relied on the questionnaire tool in collecting information and field data to measure the indicators of the level of effectiveness of the electronic press websites, based on building the questions of the tool according to the theoretical frameworks adopted in the research. Determined and focused on by those in the communication process, press institutions in particular, and other community institutions in general