Comparative Study of Specifications Between Local and Imported Water Pumps and an Energy-Efficient Local Developed Pump


Conserving energy is one of those important requirements of the environment. In this research,an eco-friendly power saving Water pump [Air coolers] is developed. This development is based on GQFD. The model of this developed Water pump is drawn by a CAD solid model (version 7, Autodesk AutoCAD 2011). The electrical motor is responsible for the rotation of the pillar and further distributesWater inside the Air cooler [regardless of the size]. In the developed model motor is canceled where the rotation is throughout attachment to the Air cooler. A further prototype of this model is made were common and environmental quality requirements are assessed so as to verify the feasibility of the developed Water pumps. Results show that the power saving (developed)Water pump is of better-qualitycharacteristics relative to available Water pumps available in the Iraqi market and higher head (1.60m), Velocity in RPM (4600),and flow rate (8.6 L/sec). Also, the developed Water pump is of less noise, a number of parts,pollution, and is safer [regarding environmental requirements].Due to the development results show save in voltage and current