Studying The Effect of a New Mixed Cutting Fluid on Surface Roughness


This research studied the influence of cutting fluids and cutting parameters on the surface roughness for stainless steelworked by turning machine in dry and wet cutting cases. The work was done with different cutting speeds, and feed rates with a fixed depth of cutting.During the machining process,heat was generated and effects of higher surface roughness of work material.In this study, the effects of some cutting fluids, and dry cutting on surface roughness have been examined in turning of AISI316 stainless steel material. Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) instead of other soluble oils hasbeen used and compared to dry machining processes. Experiments have been performed at four cutting speeds (60, 95, 155, 240) m/min, feed rates (0.065, 0.08, 0.096, 0.114) mm/rev. and constant depth of cut (0.5) mm. The amount of decrease in Ra aftertheused suggested mixture arrived at (0.21μm), while Ra exceeded(1μm) in case of soluble oils This means the suggested mixture gave the best results of lubricating properties than other cases