Studying the Erosion Corrosion Behavior of NiCrAlY Coating Layer Applied on AISI 446 Stainless Steel Using Thermal Spray Technique


Erosion-Corrosion behavior of NiCrAlY coatings deposited on 446 stainless steel samples by flame thermal spraying was performed in this research. The hardnessof uncoated and coated sample ismeasured, usingHVS-1000 Digital Micro hardness Tester. The results of hardness show that the coated samples have higher hardness than uncoated samples. Microstructure and phase analysis of the coating layer was observed by using optical microscope, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and SEM respectively. Erosion –Corrosion testwas performed in different period of time (6,12,and 18 hr.) using the erosion-corrosion system. The result shows that because of uniform distributionandhomogeneous of coating layer, weight loss was very low and approximately equal in all period of testing time