Assessment of Slopes Stability For Conglomerate In Tikrit City -Salahaddine Governorate- Iraq


This research represents outcrops of rocks at Cliffs of Tigris river ( Terraces ),most are Conglomerate, Sandstone, Siltstone and Clay stone. The research coversseveral aspects ; it includes a collection of field information from unstable rockslopes at (6) stations representing all the rock failure types that happened or likely tohappen . In each station rock slopes are completely surveyed ; also the rocks aredescribed in an engineering way and a complete discontinuity survey is carried outaccording to Anon (1972,1977) and their relationship with the rock failure isestablished. The field study shows that rock failures include toppling ( mostly insecondary type ), rock fall. Point load test shows that Compressive Strength of therock,( very weak – strong, σC = 0.450 – 51.480 )Mpa.