Evaluation of the Aquifer Properties Between Al-Khassa Dam and Kirkuk Structure - NE Iraq


This paper aims to evaluate the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer between Al-khassa damand Kirkuk structure, Kirkuk/ NE Iraq. Pumping tests applied for selected wells in the area toevaluate the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer, special distribution of the water table andgroundwater movement direction of the groundwater, the hydraulic properties results of five singlepumping test in the study area showed that the transmissivity (T) is ranged between (2.01 to 7. 5m2/day ), storage coefficient (Sc) ranged (6.4 * 10-3 to 7.3 * 10-2) and the hydraulic conductivity(K) is ranged between (0.025 to 0.35 m/day) that calculated by Winlog software, groundwater dischargeof the area is equal to 0.163*106MCM, and the optimum distance between the wells shouldbe about 18.8 m. The results0indicated that the aquifer type is semi-unconfined to semi-confinedin Bai-Hassan Formation as shown in the geological map. Groundwater movement of the study areashowed that the direction of the groundwater is from the East side toward West around (Al-Khassa dam area).