Real Time Multi Face Blurring on Uncontrolled Environment based on Color Space algorithm


Faces blurring is one of the important complex processes that is considered oneof the advanced computer vision fields. The face blurring processes generallyhave two main steps to be done. The first step has detected the faces thatappear in the frames while the second step is tracking the detected faces whichbased on the information extracted during the detection step. In the proposedmethod, an image is captured by the camera in real time, then the Viola Jonesalgorithm used for the purpose of detecting multiple faces in the captured image andfor the purpose of reducing the time consumed to handle the entire captured image,the image background is removed and only the motion areas are processed. Afterdetecting the faces, the Color-Space algorithm is used to tracks the detected facesdepending on the color of the face and to check the differences between the faces theTemplate Matching algorithm was used to reduce the processes time. Finally, thedetected faces as well as the faces that were tracked based on their color wereobscured by the use of the Gaussian filter. The achieved accuracy for a single faceand dynamic background are about 82.8% and 76.3% respectively.