Comparison Between Groundwater Quality at North East and South West of Erbil Governorate for Irrigation Using Some Global Systems and Principal Component Analysis


This investigation was conducted during June ,2019 to November ,2019 for classification of water of (54) wells in Erbil province 26 of them in north and north east of Erbil and the other half at south west of Erbil. The studied waters were classified for irrigation purpose depending on some global systems or classification and Principal component analysis was done for the calculated parameters used in classification.. Depending on USDA classification(1954) the water of the water of (20 and 6) locations or wells having C2S1 and C3S1 Class respectively .While for the south east Erbil wells the water classes were C1S1, C2S1 , C3S1 and C4S1 for (1,5,17, and 3) wells it means the water quality in south west of Erbil west is bad in comparing with the water for wells in north and north east of Erbil. Depending Ayres and Westcot (1985) and Doneen classification the water wells in north and north east of Erbil had better water classes in comparing with the groundwater in south west of Erbil.,. A scree plot for eigenvalues recorded in this investigation showed the pronounced change of slope after the third eigenvalue. Eigenvalue close or greater than one (unity) were three factors for north and north east of Erbil and two factors for water of south west of Erbil due to its higher EC value.