Effect of Radial Clearance on Stress and Strain Distribution in the Astral Deep Drawing


In this paper, an astral die was designed and constructed to produce an astral cup in the deep drawing operation by experimental work and numericalsimulation. The influence of radial clearance on drawing load, cup high, the distribution of stress, strain and thickness along the side wall,minorand major axis were also studied. The deep drawing process was carried out to produce an astral cup with an inner dimension of (41.5mm × 34.69mm), and (30mm) height drawn from a blank sheet with a thickness of (0.7) and diameter (80) made of low carbon steel. A commercialprogram (ANSYS18.0)was used to perform the numerical simulation. Three types of radial clearance equal to (1.1, 1.2, and 1.3) are used to investigate the influence of radial clearance.Itwas found that the maximum value of the drawing load 55KN)recordedwith radial clearance equal (1.1). The process of a squeeze in the wall that occurred with the radial clearance (1.1) due to the difficulty of the flow of the metal to be exposed to maximum tensile stress. The maximum effective stress (674MPa)andstrain (0.973)wererecorded with the clearance of (1.1) at the minor axis