AL Mutawakkil Ibn Al-Aftas: king of Paulius His news and the remainder of his literary output


Andalusia has praised men who were mentioned through their many historical and literary Andalusian sources for their scientific and literary achievements that honor the stages of their ages, and they were not preoccupied by jihad and the defense of their homeland. Mashhoor al-Fadl, for example in majesty and pleasure, was one of the people of opinion, assertiveness and eloquence, and the city of Badajoz in its span was a house of literature, poetry, grammar and science. "Al-Muzaffar was this people who were keen on collecting literary sciences, especially grammar, poetry, news anecdotes and the eyes of history. He elected from what was gathered for him a large book that he translated in his name ... His son Al-Mutawakkil had a firm footing in making systems and prose, with excessive courage and perfect chivalry, and he was not Conquest prevails and nothing distracts from it. " The researcher studied this Andalusian figure, which became famous in the era of sects among writers and historians of Andalusia, and the study was according to the following: Reviewing his life history and news in general through the sources of Andalusia history and literature, then familiarize all the contents of those sources of his productions in poetry and prose, then arrange the collection of his poetry and its prose each separately, in poetry the arrangement was according to the alphabetical sequence of rhymes with the confirmation of the graduation of texts With the mention of the different narratives, if any, and an explanation of what needs to be explained, a text entered and related to it, as for the total of its prose, the order was according to the sequence of its titled texts, then the numbering of each prose text, with the confirmation of the output of the texts with the mention of the different narratives if any, and an explanation of what needs to be explained also In each text, and finally, a list of the margins came and mentioned the fluorescence of the sources and references.