Morphological facilitation among the muhaddithin among (Pronounced morphology) and (morphology investigated) Budget study


Arabic language is a universal language immortal, because it is the language of the Koran is immortal immortality and science of the Arabic language is evolving and renewed and facilitation is the facet of this language, if this language is a bit of difficulty and complexity, it has the corresponding ingredients of ease and ease, and the phenomenon of facilitation occupied the Arab mind In the old and modern and with regard to our research in the Arab exchange, which did not get the luck of the study as obtained by the Arabic grammar and the study will be on the manifestations of morphological facilitation when modernists, and we monitor the points of convergence and separation between two well-known books and compare them first (AL-Sarf AL-Wadhah) by Dr. Abdul Jabbar Nayla and second J (AL-Mustaqssa Fe Alm AL-Tasreef ) by Dr. Abdul Latif Mohammed Al-Khatib, paved the term for facilitating morphology preceded by an introduction followed by four demands and clarified the features of facilitation in the two books beginning with their order and evidence and morphological difference between the words of scientists with clarification scheduling of modern mechanisms of facilitation and then a conclusion of some of his findings search .