Purification of the Acetyl CoACarboxylase-1 from Serum of Breast Cancer Women after Mastectomy


Acetyle CoA Carboxylase-1was purified from serum of premenop- ausal women with breast cancer (after Mastectomy or treatment ) by Gel Filtration using Sephadex G-100 and by Ion Exchange using DEAE-Cellulose A-50, also the molecular weight was estimated by the Electrophoresis on Acrylamide in the absence of denaturing elements . The result showed that a single band was obtained at 210 KD by Gel Filtering while Ion Exchange showed one band at 210 KD. The optimum temperature of purified Acetyle CoA Carboxylase-1 was 40 ℃ , optimal pH at 7.5 and the optimum substrate concentration at 1.8mM. Michaelis-Menten constant (km) was 0.3mM and Vmax was 23mM.min-1.