The use of a training program and its effect on the fitness performance of hall football referees


The research aims to:. Prepare a training program for hall football referees to raise the level of physical fitness.12.Identify the effect of the training program on the level of physical fitness performance of the experimental research sample.The researcher used the experimental approach to suit the nature of the problem. The research community was deliberately determined by the hall football referees (international and first-degree) for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for the football season 2018/2019 for halls Football, which totalled 24 referees and (20) were chosen by the random and irregular method and they were divided into two groups, one of which is experimental and number (10) and another control, numbering (10) referees, and 4 referees who were surveyed were excluded. As for the means of collecting information and data, personal sources, references and interviews were used to determine the training program's exercises and the duration of the program. The data were processed by adopting the statistical bag (SPSS), and the most important results that the researcher reached are1.The training program prepared for the experimental group had a positive impact on the development of the fitness and also functional side, for the comprehensiveness of similar exercises to physical fitness tests.2.The training curriculum that was applied by the control group was not in the required form, as it is not regular and does not depend on the scientific foundations.The researcher recommended several recommendations, including1.Generalizing and using the training program prepared by the researcher in building a similar program to develop the physical and functional capabilities of referees.2.Choosing exercises similar to the type of the activity or similar to the type of physical tests, especially the shuttle exercises to develop speed endurance .