The effect of cooperative education in the style of (group competition) in learning the skills of overwhelming beatingAnd the volleyball blocking wall for students


This study aims at knowing the effect of using the strategy of Cooperative Teaching (Collective Competition) in teaching the skills of "smashing strike" and the " repulsion wall" in volleyball for students. The researcher has assumed the existence of differences of moral evidences to the advantage of the experimental group in the afterward tests. The research society is represented by Second Stage Students of College of physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Basra, for the study year 2018-2019, whose number is (144) students, representing (6) sections. The study sample has been chosen by lot, whereat Section A, whose number is (22) students, represents the experimental group , whereas Section C, whose number is (22) students, represents the standard group. The researcher has carried out the equipollence and homogeneity, after displaying a number of the tests to some experts to show their validity. The researcher has carried out the pre-tests, then has applied the educational syllabus prepared by him, which is formed of (10) educational units, distributed to (5) weeks, two units for each week. After the end of the syllabus, the researcher has carried out the afterward tests. The results show the progress of the experimental group, which attains the researchers assumption. The researcher has arrived at some conclusions, and is to present some suggestions.