The Affect of Using Smart Device for Learning the Skills of Volleyball Sport for Students of the Fourth Preparatory


ABSTRACT: The use of modern technology is necessary in all areas of life, including education in all its joints and sports education, one of these joints, which has seen great development at various levels and most sports, including volleyball as a result of the various sciences in enriching the movement of sports up to the upper levels, In order for the countries to advance in the field of volleyball was interested in the development of a strong base of practitioners of the game and early ages starting from school sports as the main source in providing clubs and national teams to them to the upper levels N to teach and develop basic skills using the best methods and methods of education away from the methods and methods used, The use of educational means to understand the things and their relationship with each other and help them to organize the learner's thinking in educational or other life situations, but it helps to crystallize the organized scientific thought and the need to solve the problems step by step after identification, so the researcher went into this problem through the use of a device Ipad to develop some basic skills of volleyball, the researcher assumed: The Ipad has an active role in the development of some basic skills of volleyball. The researcher used the experimental method of the experimental and control groups to solve the problem. The sample consisted of fourth grade students. The results of the experiment were carried out and the tests were applied. The researcher then applied the units for 8 weeks with 2 teaching units per week. After obtaining the results, the researchers treated them using the spss. After analyzing the results, most importantly, the Ipad has an active role in developing the performance of some basic volleyball skills