The Effect of Therapeutic Methodology Applying Reflex Points to Rehabilitate Muscles of Lumbar Vertebrates on Lower Back of Handball Players


Practicing sport always accompanies with certain probability of injury so that there is no training mode without the probability of injury. It is important to search for mode and ways may decrease the accidents of injury in the matches, reflex message is deemed one of the therapeutic message as it is done by pressing on specific points of the body to effect on other functions of the body through external surficial locals which is presents as points on feet, hands and also other parts of the body . The problem is that the injuries are deemed one of the main problems in the plyer's life as the surrounding environment effecting on the type of sport injuries. The difference of training modes, methods of training, the available capacities of the handball players make the probability of injury high. Upon the study of the researcher in the Centers of Physiotherapy and movement rehabilitation and his continued observance for handball players , he notices many complains of lower back pains in specific. The study aims to identify the effect of therapeutic methodology by applying reflex points to rehabilitate muscles on the lumber vertebrates of hand players. The hypothesis of the program is that reflex points have positive effect to rehabilitate muscles of lumbar vertebrates on the low back of handball players. The researcher concluded that the rehabilitation curricular using reflect points has positive effect on rehabilitation muscles of lumber vertebrates of handball players. The researcher recommenced to apply rehabilitation curricula using reflex points on the players having injuries on the lumber vertebrates includes characteristics contribute positively in rehabilitation injured handball players.