An) analytical study of the levels of psychological differentiation among handball players Premium class


The research included the introduction and the importance of research, and psychological distinction is of great importance that is evident in all areas of life and from these areas the sports field, while the research problem is what the players do in the games of emotions, intolerance and psychological stress, and this therefore will affect the behavior of the players by creating a state of tension and instability Psychological research also included a set of objectives, the most important of which are building and applying a measure of psychological differentiation, assumptions, and spatial, temporal and human spheres. The second chapter includes theoretical and similar studies of the concept of psychological differentiation. As for the third chapter, it included the research methodology and its field procedures. The researcher chose the descriptive approach. As for the research sample, the Iraqi Premier League players are handball. And the fourth chapter contains the presentation, analysis and discussion of the results of the psychological differentiation scale. As for the fifth chapter, it included the most important conclusions (the player who enjoys high psychological distinction is reflected in his performance in matches and training and is more positive). As for the most important recommendations (adopting the current scale designed by the two researchers to reveal