Structural behavior of RF magnetron sputtered cuprous oxide (Cu2O) films


In this paper a Cu2O thin films, were deposited using RF sputtering technique. Sputtering process can be defined as ejection atoms of material surface due to positive ions bombardment of (mostly) inert gas, sometimes called cathode sputtering. Then the thin films were characterized by XRD. The results obtained showed that, the thin films had a polycrystalline structure with cubic lattice unit cell. strongest peak was seen at 61.3967 degree, and FWHM was at 0.215 degree, while lattice constant was 4.26 Aº. The average grain size was 44.87 nm. While AFM analysis showed that the increasing of four samples temperature (523, 573, 623 and 673) Kelvin, led to increase of roughness average from (3.39 to 9.2) nm, and ten points height from (13.7 to 36.3). On the other hand granularity cumulation distribution charts showed that the average diameter was varied from (43.31 to 51.28) nm with grain numbers ( 739, to 414) respectively.DOI: