The effect of using direct play exercises on the accuracy of the skill performance of spike in volleyball for juniors


The importance of research lies in the use of direct play exercises as an independent variable to fly the accuracy of performance for the skill of spike, as this method is one of the modern methods that can be relied upon in the process of rdapi learning, while the research problem was found through the researcher following most of the young teams and note the poor accuracy of performance, which He attributes it to the lack of focus on performance accuracy exercises, as well as the lack of comprehensiveness of the educational curriculum used for all skills performance requirements, including accuracy of performance, which negatively affects performance in a final way. As for the research objectives, it included preparing exercises that suggest direct play style, and to identify accurate accuracy And the skillful performance of the skill of high crushing hitting, where the researchers used the experimental method on the research sample represented by specialized school players in Basra Governorate.