Predicting the skill levels of shooting through some body measurements of the players of Al-Thawra Sports Club basketball


The study aimed at: 1- Identifying some of the physical measurements in basketball players. 2- Identify the coefficient of correlation between the variables of the study. 3- Identify the contribution scoring of some physical measurements to the level of shooting skills in theplayers of al-Thawra Sports Club basketball. 4- Finding equations to predict the level of skill performance through some physical measurements.As for the research method: the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method and the correlation relationships.Community and sample research: The sample of the research was selected in the deliberate manner of the 25 players of the Revolution Sports Sports Club basketball.The most important conclusions: 1- The emergence of a moral correlation between some of the variables of the study. 2- Predictive equations have been reached through which the level of skill of shooting for basketball players can be inferred.