Programmed planning according to the capabilities of the players and its effect on the development of some physical and skill abilities by fencing for the disabled


The study aimed to prepare and identify the effect of programmed planning according to the players' abilities in developing some physical and skillful abilities of the fencers on fixed chairs, and the experimental approach was the method used in the study to fit the nature of the research problem, and the research sample consisted of the players of the national team of three weapons and the research sample was chosen The experimental control of the fencing sword weapon players for the two classes (A and B) for the classification of fencing players and their number was (10) each group (5) players for the 2019-2020 season, and the program was implemented for the period from (2/3/2019 to 2/5) / 2019) for a period of (8) weeks and at (3) training units per week, in which the work of the exercises and the number of iterations of the exercises within the training unit were organized in a manner consistent with the capabilities of the players. In order to reach conclusions that the programmed planning has helped to improve the physical and skill capabilities of the players under discussion. The researcher recommends the necessity of planning the training unit in a way that matches the capabilities of the players and organizing the work of exercises within the training unit.