Evaluation of the results of pushing power and its relation with some Bio kinematic changes for the two cases of doing for the powerful skill of and high powerful kick


According to that comes the importance of this research ,, put our players under hard study that able us to know “player capacity to use his best power during the play .While the problem of research is the percentage of how much could player push during the play that is hardly exist in physical education , and researcher found that some players distinguished by having high capacity to do jump and ball kicking ,but they don’t achieve the same high jump during the kick .The study aimed to know the differences in the results of pushing power during the high kicking with volleyball for two cases of playing and also to know the relation between of pushing power during the jump phase and some biomechanics changes in sending and high kick. The researcher suppose mineral differences in the result of pushing power for the two cases of the skill of sending and kicking ball. And also there is mineral relation between results of getting up and some biomechanics changes during high sending and kicking ball with volleyball game . The research scopes include the following:_Human space: national volleyball team._Temporal space :time from 2 /11 / 2018 to 1 /3 /2019 ._placial space:: Olympic hall in Basra province . Mudeina club.Conclusions :_There are differences in the results of pushing between the two cases during play for the skill of high kicking .Recommendations: _confirmation on doing appropriate skill at the exact way that qualify the player to use maximum amount of power and pushing to achieve the good height during kicking ball.