The relationship of remembering of the performance accuracy of the two front-facing service skills (tennis) and passing from head front forward in volleyball


The research aims to identify the relationship between remembering of the performance accuracy of the two front-facing skills (tennis) and passing from the front head forward among the country players of the first degree (the northern region) in volleyball. The researcher used the descriptive approach due to its relevance to the nature of the research problem The research community consisted of country players of the first degree (northern region) in volleyball for the sports season (2012-2013). and the total number is (9) clubs. The research community was chosen intentionally. The sample consisted of (9) clubs, namely (New Sulaf, Qara Qosh, Al-Shorja, Ararat, Sinjar, Akkad, Nishtman, Hirsch, Halabja), and by (112) players distributed to these clubs. Four (4) players were excluded as a result of their exposure For injury and (6) players for their participation in the pilot study. The final number of the research sample reached (102) players, representing 91.071% of the original research community. For the purpose of achieving homogeneity among the members of the research sample. The following variables were set: time, length, and mass. The researcher used questionnaire forms, measurements and tests, sources and references) as tools to achieve the research objective . The data were statistically processed using the SPSS statistical program.