(Polyacrylamide-Kaolin) Composite Used For Extraction Precious Metals (Au+1, Ag+1) From Electronic Waste Solution by Using Hydrometallurgical Method


Abstract: In this study, electronic waste solution was prepared by leached amount of waste in dilute aqua regia (1HNO3: 3HCl). Hydrometallurgy method (solvent extraction) used to extract precious metals (Au+1, Ag+1) from electronic waste by added both of mineral clay (kaolin) and (Polyacrylamide-Kaolin) composite as a adsorbent material to e- waste solution under many of different parameters. These parameters are contact time (i.e.30 min, 60 min, and 120 min), weight in volume unit of adsorbent material (i.e. 5, 10 and 20 g.L-1) which are effects on the adsorption capacity and adsorption efficiency of adsorbent material. Results proved that the adsorption (efficiency and capacity) of Polyacrylamide-Kaolin composite relatively increased than kaolin to extract (Au+1, Ag+1) ions from a neutral e-waste solution. According to the curves of adsorption (i.e. efficiency and capacity), the operation condition preferred at contact time and adsorbent material amount which are equal to 60 min and 10 g.L-1 respectively