The effect of educational exercises with a mechanical block wall device to teach the skill of shooting from the basin level to handball players


What we have witnessed in recent times of a significant development in sports achievements came as a result of the optimal use of scientific methods and technology of modern sport in the training and educational process that entered the joints of various kinds of sports and the problem of research centered on the poor performance of some of the offensive skills represented in correction of one-step focus and similar to the conditions and speed of play The research aims to identify the effect of educational exercises with a mechanical blocking wall device in developing the speed and accuracy of aiming skill from pivoting its three levels (over the head, shoulder level to the side, pelvic level) and the experimental method was used in a manner The two experimental and control groups with pre and post testing, as the research sample was chosen in the deliberate manner represented by the teams of the second and the first Karkh breeding team, and the sample was divided into two experimental and control groups for each group (8 players). The mechanical blocking wall, by (24) training units, the work was limited to the experimental group in the main section with a time of (30) minutes from the original time of the training unit. Among the most important recommendations, the researcher recommends the use of the designer and The factory in education as well as training to develop the speed and accuracy of the scoring skill from pivoting the handball, which makes the exercise somewhat similar to the conditions of play and thus leads to the development of the player in the performance of real playing skills