The Impact of graphic approach exercises on learning some types of shooting with handball


The research problem has been identified. There is a fluctuation in the performance of some types of shooting with hand reel by students of the second intermediate grade of Kairouan Intermediate School for boys due to the educational and training methods used for this. The researcher finds in studying this problem by using the method of tactical approaches and knowing its effect on learning some types of correction among club players Salah El-Din for juniors handball, which is a new method that indicates development and creativity in mastering skills and upgrading performance, and this is why this method was directed as it helps in developing the level of playing performance Which constitutes the final stop for learning how to play and assimilate play, and from this standpoint many renewed methods have emerged, including the method of exercises for planning approaches or planning educational directives that create a situation similar to playing, and thus learners reach to learn skills, develop them and comprehend them for the purpose of a coherent link between learning skills while playing through Practical exercises for tactical approaches focused on each case of defensive and offensive play and tactical skill performance. Its goal is to develop the performance of players in the case of play and the interaction between communication for schematic perception and implementation skills. The aim of the research is to develop striped approaches exercises for some types of handball correction and to identify the effect of these exercises in learning some types of handball correction. The researcher hypothesized the effect of the exercises of striped approaches in learning some types of correction. As for the research sample, it was the 14-member Saladin handball club for junior players. The search results were treated statistically through statistical transactions, and the researcher reached- The tactical approach exercises have a positive effect on learning some types of correction and the tactical performance of handball players.- The repetition of the exercises led to learning some types of correction for planned performance and thus mastering and stabilizing them.- Reaching the skill to the mastery stage helped to improve the level of the planned performance of the players.The researcher recommended:- Paying attention to the use of tactical approaches exercises in learning some types of correction and improving the level of tactical performance of the handball players, as well as in order to invest time and effort in the educational process.