The effect of assistive exercises to develop the accuracy of the overwhelming (wrist) striking in volleyball for juniors


To keep pace with the development in the field of kinetic learning, this necessitated researchers and specialists to find modern and innovative means to develop the technical level of the players ’performance in order to improve the players’ levels and achieve the best results. The research problem centered on the coaches ’lack of interest in the skill of crushing fallen hitting (with the wrist) because this skill is of great importance in deciding runs or Match The research aims at designing auxiliary means and preparing exercises for the accuracy of the fallen crushing beating (with the wrist) and identifying its effect. The experimental method was used in the manner of the equivalent experimental and control groups with pre and post-test. (28) a player, where (2) a prepared player and (2) a free player were excluded, and (4) players were excluded for conducting the exploratory experiment, so that the number of members of the research sample was (20) players who were divided into two groups (experimental and control) in a random manner (the draw) and a number (10) experimental sample players and (10) control sample players. The researcher conducted reconnaissance experiments and pre and post tests. Exercises by manufactured aids and at (24) educational units distributed over (8) weeks and at (3) educational units per week, and the researcher was limited to a time of (30-35) minutes from the time of the main section of the original time of the training unit he conducted on the experimental group and the most important Recommendations: The researcher recommended the use of manufactured aids and exercises to develop the skill of spiking falling (wrist) and also to develop all technical skills so that the player can reach the best levels.