Criteria for measuring the administrative performance of the sports institution, the financial secretary, as a model


The criteria for measuring the administrative performance to which the individual is attributed and therefore compared to judge him, or the levels in which the performance is considered good and satisfactory, and that defining these standards is necessary for the success of the performance evaluation process, as it helps to define the employees of what is required of them regarding the achievement of the goals of the sports institution And directing managers to the matters that should be taken into account to develop performance, and these standards must be formulated with participation, which helps to raise the degree of their work performance and their loyalty to the institution to which they belong. The standard, regardless of its quality, is required to be accurate in expressing the performance to be measured, and the standard will be like this if it is distinguished by the following characteristics: - 1. Validity of the scale: That is, the factors included in the scale must express those characteristics required by the performance of the work without increasing or decreasing. 2. Stability of scale: It means that the results of an individual's actions through the scale are stable when his performance is stable, but when the measurement results differ according to different degrees or levels of his performance, this is not a defect in it but rather a natural condition. 3. Discrimination: We mean by it the degree of sensitivity of the scale by showing differences in levels of performance, no matter how minor, so that it distinguishes between the performance of an individual or a group of individuals. 4. Ease of use of the scale: We mean by it the clarity of the scale and the possibility of using it by the heads at work. This is what the current research provided with its conclusions that identified the criteria for the performance of the financial secretary of the sports institution, and the recommendations he presented, most notably the use of current research criteria for the purpose of selecting and electing financial secretaries in the administrative body of the Sports Federation (central and sub), as well as attracting people with distinguished skills, and preparing experts Distinguished students and funds from within the sports institution to obtain knowledge and expertise for the development of sports performance.