The effect of compound exercises in maximum oxygen consumption and the achievement of an activity of 5000m among young


Our sports field is witnessing in the current stage a wide scientific renaissance for all sports activities, including athletics, which all aspects of this scientific renaissance are witnessing thanks to the benefit from various research and studies and stands at the forefront of which is the research of sports training science, which is concerned with developing functional, physical, skill and planning competence. The activity of 5000 meters of racing is considered the most vital as it was encouraged in most of the world. Performance of 5000m race requires coaches to use non-traditional training methods and means that contribute to raising the functional and physical levels in a way that suits the activity requirements because relying on known methods has become insufficient to raise the level of performance as required. Therefore, the research used complex exercises to raise the level in order to identify the changes that occur among runners. The research aims to Identify the effect of compound exercises on the maximum oxygen consumption and achievement of 5000-meter runner. The researchers used the experimental method to design the two equal groups and determined the research community in the clubs of Babel Governorate for the 5000-meter race.