Optical and Structural Properties of CdS Quantum Dots Synthesized Using (MW-CBD) Technique


In the present study, the microwave heating method was used to prepare cadmium sulfide quantum dots CdSQDs films. CdS nanoparticles size average obtained as (7nm). The morphology, structure and composition of prepared CdSQDs were examined using (FE-SEM), (XRD) and (EDX). Optical properties of CdSQDs thin films formed and deposited onto glass substrates have been studied at room temperature using UV/ Visible spectrophotometer within the wavelength of (300-800nm), and Photoluminescence (PL) spectrum. The optical energy gap (Eg) which estimated using Tauc relation was equal (2.6eV). Prepared CdS nanoparticles thin films are free from cracks, pinholes and have high adhesion to substrate.