The Effect of Imagination and Visual Teaching Strategies on Learning Acquisition for the Fourth Year students in the Subject of Islamic Education and the Development of their Innovative Thinking


The current research aims to identify the impact of visualization and visual teaching strategies in the achievement of the fourth grade students in Islamic education and the development of their creative thinking. The research sample consists of (77) students in the fourth grade. The researchers compares the three groups in the final form of ( 30) objective paragraphs according to the type of multiple choice. The researchers relied on the Torrance scale to measure the ability of creative thinking and understanding by Sayed Khairallah (1974), which consists of (5) skills, and instructed the teachers of the material in the school to teach the research groups according to the educational plans prepared for each gr The experiment lasted for (4) months during which the researchers used the Shivih: test that is a statistical one. The research showed the following results:The difference of statistical significance between the two experimental groups on the one hand with the controlling group concerning the collection and development of creative thinking. © 2021 JTUH, College of Education for Human Sciences, Tikrit University