Scenes from the analysis of the grammatical text read in the elected texts of the book The Results of Thought of Sahili (T:581H)


This research is concerned with showing the analysis of the grammatical textin (the results of thought), which will lead us to enter through the course of thatgrammatical text, in an attempt to identify those aesthetic coherences that arecharacterized by those texts, and I emphasize that this method was preceded byDr. Fakhreddin Kabbah, not our creation, knowing that (the grammar text) is partof a coherent linguistic system, and I chose this part of that coherent system,because the textual coherence and its analysis (exchange) And the significance,and the sound) has been concerned by many scholars, and perhaps we will showsome form of coherence of the grammar text by analyzing it, and this means thatwe will try to stand on the maturity of the idea, and the agility of the election ofwords to what they aspire to, as well as the regular consistency in that grammar,and the methodology of research required to begin with an introduction followedby two axes: the first axis; And the events surrounding, and I will deal with thebook (the results of thought) and the other axis, I will address the applications(analysis of the elected grammatical texts) in that book, and after these axes willcome to the conclusion of the most .important results