Cyber Impact on The Development of Power


Human history is governed by power. Rather, it is it`s real body is the outcome of the struggle of forces, and The expressive result of this conflict in various stages of human development. But it is the forms and manifestations of force that differ from one age to another, Military power was the ruler, and even the most prominent manifestation of power, as economic power began to increase to govern international relations during the Cold War. Since the end of the Cold War, the concept of power has witnessed a number of changes to keep pace with developments in the field of international relations, and a distinction can be made between two levels of change in the concept Power, A special level for the subject who possesses power, especially with non-state actors possessing some sources of power and influence, and a special level for the elements that make up the force and the different forms that force takes, and then this research seeks to study the changes that affected the forms of force –power-. And because of the important impact of cyberspace on the development of the exercise of power and influence, and because of the important impact of information on the strategic performance of countries, this study has addressed the issue of "cyber power" as it has become an important component in the strategic performances of countries, and because the concept of power is a cornerstone of international relations, especially in its tough and violent form, the military ability is one of the most important elements of the state’s power, Whether this force is used directly or indirectly through threats or punishment, as the international community made great efforts to regulate and control the use of military force, and with scientific and technological development it is no longer acceptable that military power is the ruling element in international relations or even within the political system itself, changes have to be made to the concept of power to cope with the changes of the modern system, What clouded with the emergence of the Internet and the spread of information and its overwhelming impact on making significant changes in the political values and attitudes of state and non-state actors. Power is no longer a monopoly concept of state actors, as new actors have emerged that have been able to give the concept of power another dimension that is not limited to the physical dimension, but extends beyond the moral and cyber dimensions.