The impact of a curriculum of the self- learning method to learn some basic skills in football Futsal


Paying attention to the educational process and upgrading it and its methods became the only major concern of the educational institutions and many of the researchers in order to facilitate the process of providing information to the learner, which helps to improve and develop the performance skill level of the learner, which requires a to avoid making the educational process largely a teacher-centered, whereas the student role is to be only a recipient. Consequently, there is a must to find a new and modern teaching methods focusing on the idea that the student has to have a major role in the educational process, but not in isolation from the teacher, who is a supervisor, dominating and directing the educational process. One of these methods is the self- learning method. Through this method, the goals set in advance can be reached, which were: to recognize the reality of performance skills of the research sample under study; and to identify the self- learning method to find out which group did better (experimental and control). Regarding the research methodology and its field procedures, the researcher used the experimental method. The research population was (156) students and the research sample was (60) students from the second intermediate students in Waeli School for Boys in Baghdad province, as the group was divided into two groups: a control group ofStudents and an experimental group of (30) students. The control group used the usual curriculum, while the experimental group used the curriculum prepared by the researchers. After conducting the parity procedures and the pre-tests, the prepared curriculum was applied and the post-tests were carried out and the use of appropriate statistical methods in order to reach results which have been used to achieve the research objectives.The results were viewed, analyzed and discussed. The researchers have come to a set of conclusions; the most important ones of them were: the group that used the self- learning method in the output skill in the skill of passing, rolling and defending in Futsal. The researchers have recommended the use of self- learning method in the process of learning the motor skills because of its significant impact on student learning.