Journalism Coverage of International Terrorism Issues in The Iraqi Press - An Analytical Study of Al-Zaman and Al-Sabah Newspapers


Journalism is the most important means of communication that plays an influential role in covering the various topics and events that cast shadows on societies, and this is done by focusing on events, interpreting and analyzing them, and presenting the essential and detailed facts and facts and circumstances of events and their motives in contexts in which press material can be presented in a way that raises interest as well as Directly confronting the event and explaining the arguments and proofs based on evidence appropriate for persuasion, and therefore the discussion of the role of the media in protecting society from negative phenomena has increased, especially with regard to international terrorism, which is one of the most dangerous types of alternative wars. Which the Iraqi press intended to deal with by trying to cover it in the media and shed light on the dangerous repercussions that this extremist ideology has produced on society. Therefore, the objectives of the study under study are to elucidate how the Iraqi newspapers covered international terrorism topics as well as other research objectives, including Identifying the most important topics of international terrorism that the Iraqi press covered, represented by a newspaper T time and morning, and this research is one of descriptive research, which adopted the analytical survey method based on the tool of content analysis, and the research concluded in its results that the element of international conflict is one of the most important that was dealt with by the Iraqi press in its press coverage of international terrorism issues and the emphasis on terrorism and armed terrorism. Economic terrorism as one of the most important forms of international terrorism.