Creativity Techniques in Managing Journalism Editing and Its Impact on The Developing of The Press Establishment - Al-Mashreq Newspaper as A Model


The field of communication has witnessed, since the beginning of the eighties of the last century, major transformations resulting from the development of media technologies in all its spectrum and the imposition of new concepts, whether in the technology and speed of preparing, publishing and receiving news or in the technique of developing administrative concepts and thus imposed on all media, especially the written medium, making these media review their methods of in order to advance its work.Technological developments have brought about fundamental changes that have contributed to making, scientific inventions, creativity, and Innovation the main force in the world of management rather than traditional money power. New innovations between periods of technology or pivotal inventions have become a key element in the ability to compete and managing editing as an administrative unit in the press institution responsible for the editorial press activity Starting from the stage of preparing ideas for treatments to delivering these materials to the press, as well as developing journalistic work methods in the administration of the institution (the editorial department) and between making administrative decisions It is no longer only dependent on the experience of managers and their level of competence, as it has become dependent on the availability of information and administrative information systems that allow them to make their decisions because the conditions of the competitive market today no longer tolerate the human experimentation process, which has been a major feature in making administrative decisions for many years before the beginning of employing the computer in the various stages of the press production process, this study reveals the creative techniques in managing editorial journalism through its methodological, theoretical and applied framework.In light of these data, the press began to need an administrative and technical specialization to sustain and develop its work, especially in editorial management, and therefore the problem of study can be limited to the following question ( Did the modern creativity techniques of editorial administration contribute to developing the work of the press corporation) and this question branched into a group of other sub-questions and set its goals in identifying the techniques and steps that the corporation follows to improve journalistic performance as well as diagnosing obstacles.The researcher used the survey method in both its descriptive and analytical aspects to prepare this research using the comprehensive inventory method for workers in the Editorial Department in the Al-Mashreq newspaper for the period from 1/1/2020 up to1/2/2020, the study reached a number of conclusions, the most prominent of which is that the newspaper makes continuous adjustments in its organizational and administrative structure in proportion to the techniques of the process of journalistic creativity, and adopts methods to stimulate ideas and creativity and methods of brainstorming, discussion to develop the performance of its workers, and the newspaper uses Internet technologies in all its kinds to develop its field of work in order to keep the recipient's trust.