Allele Frequencies of 15 Autosomal STR Loci in Hilla City population / Iraq


Back ground: It is important to establish STR database for future applications in forensic and paternity tests to gain a reliable evaluation for statistical analysis and that STR database would be more representative.Objective: The objectives of this study are establishing autosomal STR database for the population of Hilla City.Material and methods: DNA was extracted and purified from sixty six individuals from Hilla city by Prepfiller kit. Extracted DNA quantified by Quantifiler real time PCR kit. Fifteen autosomal STR loci (Identifiler) were amplified then analyzed by Genetic Analyzer. All kits supplemented by Applied Biosystem, USA.Results: All samples amplified and analyzed successfully. Allele frequency and forensic parameters were determined. Conclusion: We can conclude that we can use this database for further forensic and paternity applications.