Assessment of heavy metal concentrations in surface water sources in an industrial region of central India


Rapid industrialisation and resulting industrial solid waste from power plants and integrated iron and steel industries, haveimposed an enormous environmental pressure on water resources of Chhattisgarh, a state in Central India. Rural population livingnearby the study area is mainly depended on the available surface water in the form of lakes or pond in their vicinity. Therefore it isnecessary to look after the surface water through leachate pollution caused by dumping and disposal of industrial solid waste. In thepresent study, ten surface water samples each for pre monsoon and post monsoon were collected for analysis from the surroundingareas of a major industrial region of Chhattisgarh. The AAS analysis of the surface water samples shows higher concentration ofcertain heavy metals above the permissible limits. In the pre monsoon samples the metals Mn and Cr resulted higher concentrationand at the same time metals; Cu, Fe and Pb resulted in lower concentrations. Similarly, for the post monsoon samples, Mn, Cr and Fefound with higher concentration, while Cu and Pb resulted with lower concentration. The high amount of heavy metals were foundin the analyzed samples shows that there is a real risk for population living in the nearby areas of the industrial region ofChhattisgarh. Therefore a huge amount of industrial wastes produced needs a proper disposal. Unscientific and poorly-manageddisposal of industrial solid wastes containing heavy metals needs remediation before discharging into the environment.