ABSTRACT: Background: Cervical ectopy advanced to erosion is one of the common conditions in gynecological and pathological study. It is considered as a physiologic condition resulting from columnar epithelium migration from the cervical canal into the vaginal portion of the cervix, in which no treatment for asymptomatic cervical ectropion can be given. Treatment can be accomplished via thermal cauterization (Electro cautery), Cryosurgery. CO2 laser therapy is another modality of treatment. Objective: To study the effectiveness of CO2 laser therapy and evaluate it as a biomedical tool for the treatment of cervical ectropion. The study was done at Laser Medicine Research Clinic at the Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies, University of Baghdad during a period of three months from (1st August to 30th October) 2018. Methods: Ten female Patients with age range between 22 to 40 years old who attended the private clinic or the outpatient clinic of Al-Imamain Al-Kadhmain Medical City and diagnosed with cervical ectropion. Patients were diagnosed clinically as having cervical ectropion. Pap smear was done to all patients at the Department of Health (Pap smear unit) at Al-Imamain Al-Kadhmain Medical City in order to exclude an underlying dysplasia. The patients were subjected to CO2 laser therapy at a continuous mode. All patients were subjected to continuous wave laser and the range of power from 5 up to 10 Watt. The exposure time ranged from 1-2 minutes. Results: From all studied patients only three had mild bleeding during procedure and there was no pain reported during procedure except mild pain in two patients. So, simple analgesia (mefenamic acid 500 mg.) was given to them. No need for a prophylactic antibiotic in all patients. After two weeks follow up, the findings were slight vaginal discharge, no slough. Complete healing of erosion was noticed by the 4th week after procedure. Conclusion: Laser therapy with CO2 10600nm at specific parameters was effective in treating women with cervical ectropion, which was non-invasive and acceptable by the women as a method of treatment, by laser we can treat precisely the affected area without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue.