Strategic capabilities and their role in achieving the marketing success of the organization


The Purpose :The research started from a realistic problem that was embodied in a variety of conceptual and intellectual questions aimed at defining the conceptual, intellectual and philosophical framework of the research variables (strategic competences and marketing success), which are important and modern topics that have not been discussed together in the Iraqi environment. at the men's clothing factory in Najaf province and the extent of its use to achieve competitive superiority.Methodology / Design: The analytical descriptive approach was adopted as a research methodology. For the purpose of obtaining data and information, the researchers relied on interviews and questionnaire (management, finance, quality control, planning and follow-up, engineering and research, internal control, , Sales, technology and unified design) in order to answer them, which consists of (36) paragraphs distributed on (20) paragraph of the variable strategic competences and (16) paragraph of the variable marketing success, The sample size table for (Krejcie & Morgan ,1970: 608) was used to determine the sample size that should be (n =140) for a Population of (229). (193) questionnaires were distributed, (189) were retrieved and (11) were excluded. Is not valid for statistical analysis. There are (178) questionnaires used in the statistical analysis to represent their share of the society (78%). The programs of Microsoft Office Excel, SPSS and AMOS were used for data processing and validation of correlation and impact hypotheses.Research Value: The research reached that the actual interest in strategic competences and marketing success reflects the desire of the laboratory to increase their strategic awareness towards achieving their future goals within specific horizons and recommended the adoption of strategic competences to enable the lab to achieve marketing success and stay the longest in the competition and achieve excellence and marketing excellence.