The role of quality of work life and organizational happiness in improving customer relationship management: Analytical research in a sample of excellent class hotels in Baghdad


This research aims at achieving a set of objectives whose content is embodied in the formation of a clear conception of the conceptual, theoretical and practical aspects through the verification of direct and indirect relationships and influences through an analytical research between the quality of work life and organizational happiness, to improve the management of customer relations.In this framework, the sample of the research was represented of (183) individuals who are department managers, People's officials and officials of activities in front lines with direct contact with the customer in a sample of excellent class hotels in Baghdad, and After investigation of the scale was used a number of statistical methods and tools To validate search hypotheses, such as mean, standard deviation, Pearson Correlation Coefficient, Simple Linear Regression, and the Path Analysis to test the indirect effects hypotheses. The research reached specific conclusions, the most important of which is that the organizational happiness variable as an mediator variable contributes in increasing the Quality of Work Life in Improve customer relationship management, and therefore the existence of organizational happiness will compensate for part of the direct impact of the quality of work life in the customer relationship management, and against which was to formulate a set of recommendations that will hopefully be taken advantage of those involved in the current research