Effect of Vitamin C Against Lead Acetate Toxicity on Sperm Count, Sperm Morphology and Testis Tissue in the Rat Before and in Recovery Period


The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of lead acetate (LA) (30 mg/Kg B.wt/day), and vitamin C (Vit.C) (100 mg/Kg B.wt/day) against LA toxicity in adult male rats. The design of study included two experiments (exp.). In exp-I rats were divided into 3 groups. Group I: control, group II: received LA, and group III: received LA coadministrated with Vit.C, for 6 weeks. In exp-II rats were divided into 4 groups. Group I: control, group II: received LA, group III: received LA coadministrated with Vit.C, and group IV: received LA. The groups were treated for 6 weeks, then groups II, &III in order to be recover were left without treatment (as control) for additional 6 weeks. While group IV after cessation of LA received Vit.C within recovery period (for 6 weeks). At the end of each experiment rats were sacrificed. Blood samples were collected and used for determination of serum MDA. Histological sections were made from testis. Sperm characteristics included sperm count was determined from caudal epididymis and sperm abnormalities from left vas deferens. In exp-I, LA group showed significantly decreased sperm count, significant increase in sperm abnormalities and MDA, and testicular tissue damage. While in group III Vit.C against LA significantly improved sperm characteristics and testicular tissue as well. In exp-II, Group II showed almost no improvement in sperm characteristics and testicular tissue, whereas MDA was increased non-significantly from control. In group III the coadministrated Vit.C with LA, markedly improved sperm characteristics, and testicular tissue similar to Vit.C against LA in exp-I. Meanwhile, the improvement by Vit.C in group IV was occurred in lesser extent. In conclusions, Vit.C had a protective effect against LA toxicity, and it was markedly more effective when coadministrated along with LA rather than its administration after cessation of LA.