Excellence in the management of customer relations to mature the quality of public service


The theories of the preservation of the societies are notlimited to the granting of compulsory vacation as a strategy toimprove the lifes and control the regularity of physiologicalmovement in humans. But rather to explore the society with itsfeelings, ideas and behavior in order to mature and guide it inaccordance with the general vision of the state and what isexpected of the main goals that are required to be implemented.The researchers found in the Iraqi environment a deep legacy inthe relationships that can be adapted and used and even activated,especially if we find the keys and the main working methods,which reverses the conventional image of the conflict betweenthe customer and the quality of service provided, as the customerbelieves that the services received are spoils or rights. Inaddition, it is a financial obligation that should be reduced, whichreduces the level of performance and even distorts the accuracyof integration in the relationship. This study of aims to adoptterms that control to the leadership of the health system in Iraq.The study was applied in the hospital of the private nursing ward,one of the hospitals of the city of medicine in Baghdad for itsabsorptive capacity with the high orientation of the public in itscure. The results were the need to train the medical staff inpromoting the culture and the art of dealing with the patients andthe use of new tools for effective communication, cooperationwith the patients and the dissemination of the spirit ofparticipation and ownership of public funds and public interest.