Theoretical Study and Modeling of Porous Silicon Gas Sensors


In this work ,porous silicon(PS) substrate has been used to fabricate a sensor of structures(Al/n PSi/n-Si/Al) using infrared laser in a assisting Etching process at several times (8,16,and24 min) and current density(J) of about(25mA/cm2) on silicon(Si) substrates type of n and tested for CO2 gas molecules and then modulated using MATLAB program. J-V characteristic was analyzed. Different parameter determine such as, Porosity (%), Layer thickness (%) and relative permittivity of the fabricated PS substrate. Several shape and sizes of pores were obtained from the scanning electron microscope device such as pore, rectangular and cylindrical structure for infrared illuminated (IR). The Porosity (%) and Layer thickness (%) take control on sensing mechanism.