The Effect of Giving Feedback to the geographical Innovative Thinking among Second-grade Intermediate Students


The current research aims at knowing the effect of giving feedback to the geographical innovative thinking among second-grade intermediate students.The researcher intentionally chooses the research samples from Al-Muzam Secondary School for Boys (the experimental group) whose number of students are (35) and the controlling group which includes (33) students. Preparing the requirements for his research, the researcher practises his experiment in the first course of the academic year 2019-2020. With the end of the experiment, the researcher applies the post test of the innovative thinking scale, and hence the data are processed statistically and the results appeared.The experimental group surpassed the control group in innovative thinking.From the statistical results, we conclude the following:1- Following the (deferred) feedback method in the geographical subject is better than following the traditional method2- Avoidance of (postponed) feedback. Students with a weak educational level feel inadequate. The researcher recommended the following:1- The necessity of using feedback by teachers of geography, especially in middle school.2- Making students aware of feedback patterns and urging them to choose what suit them so as to enhance their scientific level.