The level of Awareness of the Deviations of Physical Education Teachers in Salah Al-Din Governorate


 Research Aims :1- Building a measure of awareness of the devotional deviations of teachers of physical education in Salah Al-Din Governorate.2-Knowing the level of awareness of the stigma deviations among the teachers of physical education in Salah Al-Din Governorate . The research community was determined by the comprehensive inventory method represented by the members of the teaching staff of the Physical Education teachers in Salah Al-Din Governorate, who number (137) teachers distributed throughout the districts and areas of Salah Al-Din Governorate for the academic year 2019/2020, and the research sample consisted of (125) teachers from the members of the authorities teaching in Salah Al-Din Governorate represented (91,24%). The Researcher has reached the most important recommendations:1-Focusing on awareness of devotional aberrations by adding curricula and courses in the College of Physical Education and Sports Science.2- Working on to establish periodic educational sessions and seminars for the purpose of introducing physical education teachers to new research and studies related to the stewardship of students and all that is new in this field and to make them aware of that.