Mechanisms of Investing the Human Spirit in Islamic Thought


It is known that the display of human values in Islamic thought, and the method by which it is possible to build a person’s personality and develop his capabilities, is of great importance at the present time, and it is an urgent need for the Islamic community at the present time where the answers with which we respond to the slanders of the enemies of Islam who have always remained. They try to distort this religion, despite its spiritual and moral dimensions and human starting points.The intellectual stagnation and rigidity that afflicted the Islamic world, whether in the field of renewing the understanding of the text according to the data and requirements of the age and the development of life, and what it requires in addition, or a new understanding due, in our opinion, to the intellectual paralysis that afflicted the Islamic mind spanning nearly a thousand years. Thought about work, giving and production, and was captured by repetition and rumination of the same articles that did not budge from their place. Since the needs of the people varied and varied from one era to another, it was necessary to keep pace with these emerging needs at all times in order to respond, agree and harmonize between words and deeds.