The Role of Family Awareness in Consolidating the Intellectual Structure of the Individual and Society


The family is the hippocampus, man’s family and his clan, and the group is called that it is linked by a common matter, and it is the first unit of society in which relations are often direct and within it the individual is brought up and in which he acquires a lot of knowledge, skills, inclinations and trends in life and finds in it his security and residence, and it meant our religion Al-Hanif is the right preparation and preparation of the family according to an elaborate family system made by the knowledgeable expert who knows the secrets of things before their appearances. He is the creator of man and knows his secrets and characteristics, and if the family is the basis of society, then marriage is the first basis in which the family is formed, and from the care and honor of God to man He did not make him, like other creatures, let his instincts unleash unconsciously, but rather set the appropriate system for him that preserves his offspring and his dignity, all of this because it is the main basis in the formation of a personality The individual and his doctrinal orientations and the building of his intellectual and cognitive capabilities through family upbringing, which is a process of learning, teaching and upbringing.